Monday, March 10, 2014

Snap on it!

My new technology pleasure has to be Snapguide. It is a site I wish I would have had when I was creating screenshot directions for my students because I was tired of repeating directions 100 times after I showed them on the projector and asked them to read and repeat what I was saying as I was showing it. So I started to take step by step screenshots and put them together for the students to watch if they had a question. One of the best teacher funnies that explains this is -

Snapguide is probably the easiest program I have found to help use pictures to give instructions. It allows you to take screenshots and put them together for a guide. Then you can embed the guide into your website and when the 14th kid comes up and asks you how to do something for the 5th time you can direct them to the Snapguide. I created this Snapguide about how to add a tile to a Symbaloo Webmix and how to share the Webmix on your website or blog as I love Symbaloo for saving websites to use later. Here is the guide - 

Check out How to Add a Tile to Symbaloo and Share Webmix by Melissa Kane on Snapguide.

I also find Snapguide to be great with my elementary RTI groups because I can snap pictures of what we are doing and put them together in a Snapguide for them to read and follow the directions with pictures. I started by just typing out the directions in a Google Doc, but felt is was lacking something as we read and followed the directions together. With the Snapguide we have the pictures and the project sort of comes to life as we create it. Here is a Snapguide I created about making Burger Cookies after we finished talking about how 2014 is the year of the family farm and it is important to know where your food comes from. It was a lot of fun - as you can tell by the last picture in the guide. 

Check out How to Make a Burger Cookie With Kids by Melissa Kane on Snapguide.

I think for next year I will put together a Snapguide of my classroom rules so we can go over them on the screen as we put them up on the wall to remember them. I will then be able to put the guide on my website and it will be there to refer to if we need to as well. 

Before you close the 'page' - Please share any tips you use with your students to make sure they remember the directions of the classroom or a project. 

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