Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bookmark and Share your Favorite Websites with Symbaloo EDU

If you are like me you love all the resources available on the Internet, but keeping track of all of them can be difficult. There are many different ways out there to keep track of and share websites and I use and have shared some like Thinglink and Pinterest, but another one I like to use is Symbaloo.
Symbaloo has a website (an extension in Chrome - and probably other browsers, but I mostly use Chrome as I recently purchased a Chromebook) and an app so saving sites on your mobile devices is easy as well. You just copy the website you want to keep - go to Symbaloo - find the webmix you want to save it to - click to add a new tile - paste in the website - make any choices you want (you can also put in a title - change the color - pick an icon to display for each URL) - save the tile and it is there. Same procedure for the mobile app - just open the app and use the above steps.  If you use the extension in Chrome you just click on the extension for Symbaloo - do all your choices in the window that opens up and it magically transfers it to Symbaloo for the next time you are there. I wanted to include a Snapguide to show you these easy steps, but my new Chromebook and my iPad are not cooperating with me at home. I think it may have something to do with my internet and wireless connection - so I am working on that. I love technology and using, but there are times it is a little maddening - especially when it doesn't work like you want it to.

Symbaloo not only lets you store your websites, it also lets you share them with others. You can share in the public gallery of webmixes for everyone to see, via email to a few friends, with a link or embed on your site for visitors all in a couple of clicks.

Technology EDU webmix

Before you close the page - what is your go to place to bookmark your websites to use later?

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